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About Us

Nyanpahsu is an Database Torrent Animation,Dramas,and Movie that caters to all languages. Nyanpahsu is made by Fanmade, for Fanmade, and gives active Fanmade groups complete control over their releases. All of the content on our site is uploaded by thrid parties,does not store any files on its server.

Nyanpahsu Theme was created in June 2022 by ProjeXCode.The fastest way to contact us is on our Discord server.

We fund our servers primarily through our affiliate programs. In the past user donations had generously kept our servers going but now we use the leftover from it on our DDoS mitigation. Our affiliates are generally services that have helped us out tremendously or that we use ourselves. We may run non-intrusive ads as a last resort when our other funding options fail, but for the most part we'd like to keep it this way out of our personal distaste for ads.